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The Technique of Play Writing
The dramatists of the time of Elizabeth brought the poetry and wit of the drama to a high state of perfection. Yet the modern dramatist who desires success need not hope to find the key to it by a study of older dramatists.

Common Playwriting Mistakes
The young dramatist will run into several serious errors in writing his first plays if he is not warned to avoid them at the start.

Essentials of Play Writing 1
A well constructed play can be compared to a Roman mosaic. It is composed of hundreds or thousands of minute pieces.

Essentials of Play Writing 2
Experience has taught the practical playwright that the only way in which he can hope to construct a good play is by determining definitely, before beginning to write at all, the ending of the play and how that end is to be achieved.

How To Write a Play
A collection of letters from famous playwrights and dramatists on how to write plays.

How to Write a Play by Emile Augier
Emile Augier responds to a question on writing comedy for theater

How to Write a Play by Thodore de Banville
Theodore de Banville weighs in on how to best write a play.

How to Write a Play by Adolphe Dennery
Adolphe Dennery has a very short line or two on how to write a play.

How to Write a Play by Alexander Dumas Fils
Instruction on the art of playwriting by the son of the more famous Alexander Dumas

How to Write a Play by Edmond Gondinet
Edmond Gondinet discusses how to write a play.

How to Write a Play by Eugene Labiche
Eugne Labiche outlines his procedure for play writing

How to Write a Play by Ernest Legouve
Ernest Legouv explains how he writes his plays

How to Write a Play by Edouard Pailleron
douard Pailleron writes at length about playwriting while claiming to know nothing about it.

How to Write a Play by Victorien Sardou
Victorien Sardou offers a short bit of advice on play writing

How to Write a Play by Emile Zola
Emile Zola explains how to write a play

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